Henry's Adventure in Sicily

Henry is spending some time painting in Sicily - along with sampling the occasional gelato and cappuccino!

It is unusual for Henry to show these plein air paintings- done completely on site.

You can watch this page, as additional images get added over the coming days and weeks.

We've had many inquiries on these already. For purchase information, write to: Henry@HenryIsaacs.com

Henry's (plush but not overly ostentatious) Studio in Siracusa, Sicily

San Vito Lo Capo #1
oil on canvas, 12x16"

San Vito Lo Capo #2
oil on canvas, 11x14"

Garibaldi Gate, Marsala
oil on canvas, 6x4"

Sunset at Erice
oil on board, 10x12"

Over Trapani and the Egadi Islands
oil on board, 12x12"

Sciacca, Sicily
oil on board, 10x12"

Province of Trapani, Sicily
oil on board, 12x12"

Temple at Segesta #2, Sicily
oil on board, 14x14"

Santa Lucia #2
oil on canvas, 6x6"

Piazza di Duomo- Ragusa, Sicily
oil on panel, 4x4"

Temple at Segesta, Sicily
oil on canvas, 16x20"

Umbrella, Ragusa, Sicily,
oil on cpanel, 5x4"

A busy day at the Duomo
oil on board, 4x6"

Cafe, Siracusa
oil on board, 10x8"

Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia

Duomo, Siracusa
oil on canvas, 6x6"

Latomia (Ancient Quarries)
oil on canvas, 10x8"

Piazza Arcimedie
oil on canvas, 10x8"

Piazza Archimide #2
oil on board, 6x6"

Via Niza, Ortigia, Sicily
oil on canvas, 10x10"

Western view from Ortigia
oil on canvas, 9x12"

Wildflowers and Ancient Ruins
oil on canvas, 6x4"