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Welcome to Henry Isaacs Studio.

What follows are pictures and titles of paintings that are currently available. We try to update this page daily, but please write or phone Henry to find out more information.

You can go on from this page to find Henry's contact information, resume, and happenings, and a link to view and purchase Henry's limited edition prints.

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Cape Elizabeth
oil on panel 10x8"

Cala Lillies, Portland Harbor
oil on wood 14x11"

Sailing, Fort Gorges, Portland Harbor
oil on panel 12x12"

Cala Lillies
oil on wood 8x8"

Great Point Light House
oil on panel 12x12"

Tulips #3
oil on wood 8x8"

Cape Breton, Skyline Trail #3
oil on panel 8x6"

Winter, Park at Maplewood #3
oil on canvas 10x08"

Pond at Maplewood #2
oil on canvas 11x14"

Sankaty Head Light #1
oil on canvas 10x10"
Sankaty Head Light #2
oil on canvas 10x10"


Portland Harbor
oil on linen 48x44"

Porter's Preserve
oil on canvas 30x30"

Late Winter, Breadloaf Mountain, Ripton, VT
oil on canvas 9x12"

Nantucket, near Jetties Beach
oil on board 12x12"

Southport #2
oil on wood panel 11x13"

At the Dancing Goat, Margaree, Cape Breton
oil on panel 10x8"

Nantucket Harbor #5
oil on panel 18x24"

oil on canvas 10x8"

Farm near Camel's Hump, Vermont
oil on canvas 30x40"

Above Somes Sound,
hiking on Acadia Mountain

oil on canvas 24x12"

Late Autumn, Harpswell
oil on canvas 8x6"

Crescent Beach during the Eclipse
oil on canvas 6x6"

Mrs Ham's Garden in 1986
oil on canvas 30x30"

Skyline Trail, the Gulf of St Lawrence #2
oil on panel 4x4"

Back Cove, View of Portland, Maine
oil on canvas 8x6"

Autumn, Mattawamkeag River, Island Falls, Maine
oil on board 20x16"

Cafe, Montreal
oil on board 8x8"

Nantucket Harbor #3
oil on canvas 20x24"

Cheticamp Island, Cape Breton
oil on canvas 20 x24"

North of Ingonish, Cape Breton
oil on canvas 18x24"

Grazing, Cape Breton
oil on board 10x10"

At Segesta, Sicily
oil on canvas 14x17"

At the Beach
oil on canvas 16x20"

Bar, Via Roma, Siracusa
oil on panel 12x9"

Nantucket Harbor
oil on canvas 36x36"

Sunset at Lamu Island, Kenya
oil on wood panel 10x10"

River in Autumn
oil on canvas 30x40"

Rain Ending
oil on linen 48x48"

Sea Gull, Ferry Beach, Saco
oil on canvas 12x16"

Ouessant, Brittany
oil on canvas 16x20"

View Across the Pond, Martha's Vineyard
oil on linen 50x40"

Lake Champlain at Burlington
oil on canvas 12x16"

Skiing at Trapp's, Stowe, Vermont
oil on canvas 12x9"

Farm, Martha's Vineyard
oil on linen 26x60"

Farm, Martha's Vineyard, #2
oil on canvas 31x50"

Lawn at Mead Chapel, Middlebury
oil on canvas 10x10"

Blueberry Picking, Thetford Center
oil on canvas 9x12"

Rain over Lagoon Pond, Vineyard Haven
oil on canvas 6x6"

Cranberry Islands Evening
oil on canvas 20x16"

Dusk, Parson's Creek, Edgecomb, Maine
oil on canvas 16x16"

An Autumn Sunset, South of Harpswell
oil on canvas 16x16"

Sailing off Littlejohn Island
oil on canvas 12x12"

Lunch on the Dancing Rocks, Baker Island
oil on canvas 24x24"

Burnt Coat Harbor, Swans Island #5
oil on canvas 20x40"

View from Owl's Head Lighthouse
oil on canvas 20x36"

Strafford, December
oil on canvas 26x28"

Back River at Botanic Gardens, Boothbay, ME
oil on canvas 36x36"

On the Road to Middlebury
oil on canvas 40x30"

Off Macworth Island
oil on canvas 24x36"

Wildflowers and Seals at Point Reyes, CA
oil on canvas 24x24"

Cannon Rock #1
oil on canvas 30x40"

Near Damariscotta
oil on canvas 30x40"

Vineyard, California
oil on linen 46x38"

At the Appalachian Gap, Chittendon County, Vermont
oil on linen 40x60"

Grey Day, Edge of the Harbor
oil on canvas 5x7"

Along the Back River, Boothbay, Maine
oil on canvas 18x18"

Mt Desert from Offshore
oil on board 14x11"

May, Galaxy Road, Pomfret, Vermont
oil on canvas 30x30"

Along the Tarn, Bar Harbor
oil on linen 12x24"

Light house, Ouessant, Brittany
oil on canvas 14x18"

Cove at Swan's Island,
oil on linen 36x48"

Wetlands, Wells, Maine
oil on canvas 14x11"

Great Diamond Island from the Eastern Prom
oil on canvas 8x8"

Sunset, Ortigia Island, Siracusa
oil on canvas 6x9"

View to Mount Desert from Swan's Island
oil on canvas 24x24"

Ashley Paints Lil's Garden #2
oil on canvas 24x18"

Autumn Farm, virginia
oil on wood panel 14x16"

Playing at the Pond
oil on canvas 30x36"

Burnt Coat Harbor from Minturn, Swan's Island
oil on canvas 24x24"

Edge of Seal Harbor, Maine
oil on wood panel 16x36"

Windy day, Harpswell
oil on canvas 10x10"

Snow fields, Vermont
oil on wood panel 11x12"

Ocean Park, Old Orchard Beach #4
oil on canvas 24x48"

Estuary at Ocean Park, Old Orchard Beach #4
oil on panel 14x11"

Rainbow over House Island, Casco Bay
oil on canvas 4x6"

View from Mount Battie, Camden,
oil on linen 70x80"

Northeast Harbor, from the Asticou Terraces,
oil on canvas 30x40"

Marsh Cove,
oil on canvas, 16x16"

Sailing, Casco Bay #5,
oil on canvas 16x16"

Above Seal Harbor #1,
oil on canvas 30x30"

California Coast - South of Big Sur,
oil on canvas 10x12"

Rain Shower, Marketplace,
Siracusa, Sicily,

oil on canvas 8x8"

Cafe, Plaza Reial
Barcelona #3,

oil on board 10x8"

Cafe, Plaza Reial #2,

oil on board 10x8"

Cafe, Plaza Reial,

oil on board 10x8"

On the Southwest ferry,
oil on wood panel, 16x18"

After the Storm,
oil on linen, 30x40"

Islesford Harbor from Richard's boat
oil on canvas, 36x48"

Goshen, Virginia,
oil on canvas, 30x40"

Early April, View from
the Eastern Promenade, Portland,

oil on canvas, 30x30"

Los Luceros, New Mexico,
oil on linen, 30x40"

Duomo di Cefalu, Sicily,
oil on canvas, 10x8"

Off Rockport,
oil on canvas 17x14"

Late Flowers,
oil on linen 40x60"

Akegera, Rwanda #1,
oil on wood panel, 10x12"

Maury River Gorge, #1,
oil on canvas, 30x8"
Near Huntersville, WV (Rte 39),
oil on canvas, 36x48"
Edge of the Woods,
Allegheny Mountains,

oil on canvas, 30x30"

Circleville, WV,
oil on linen, 36x48"

Tennessee River,
North of Clifton, TN,

oil on canvas, 48x36"

Road to Fort Lewis, Bath County, Virginia,
oil on canvas, 40x30"

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