Small Works

Welcome to our Small Works page!

The images here are mostly recent paintings. We will be adding images from time to time this winter as Henry continues to complete these smaller scale pieces.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on these paintings: - 802-236-4791

At the Maypole, Little Cranberry Island
oil on canvas 12x12"

At Crescent Beach
oil on panel 8x10"

Fog at Stinson Beach
oil on board 4x6"

Deering Oaks Park, Portland, #'s 1 through 4 (Clockwise)
oil on panel each panel 4x4""

Before the Storm, Eastern Prom
oil on panel 8x6"

Picnic, Evening at the Prom
oil on wood 14x4"

Two Dories, Fog at Willard Beach
oil on panel 8x10"

A Hot Day at the Orange Reservoir
oil on panel 8x8"

Lagoon near Flores
oil on canvas 10x8"

Crescent Beach #5, After the Eclipse
oil on canvas 12x12"

Lake Peten Itza 2
oil on board 10x8"

Lake Peten Itza 1
oil on board 6x6"

Sunset 4, Tikal
oil on board 6x6"

Sunset 3, Tikal
oil on board 6x6"

Sunset 2, Tikal
oil on board 6x10"

Sunset 1, Tikal
oil on board 6x6"

Lagoon 3, Flores, Guatemala
oil on board 6x4"

Fog at Santa Cruz
oil on board 6x6"

Cala Lillies, Portland Harbor
oil on wood 14x11"

California Coast (Mendocino)
oil on canvas 6x6"

Akegera, Rwanda #1,
oil on wood panel, 10x12"

Grazing, Cape Breton
oil on board 10x10"

oil on canvas 10x8"

Blueberry Picking, Thetford Center
oil on canvas 9x12"

Cefalu, Sicily
oil on canvas 10x8"

Market, Sicily
oil on canvas 6x6"

Near Big Sur
oil on canvas 10X12"

Old Orchard Beach
oil on canvas 14X11"

oil on canvas 8x8"

Sunset, Sicily
oil on canvas 4x6"

Casco Bay Bridge
oil on canvas 14x11"

Mead Chapel
oil on canvas 10x10"

Sea Gull
oil on canvas 10x12"

oil on canvas 10x10"

Bar, Via Roma, Siracusa
oil on canvas 12x9"

At the Dancing Goat, Margaree, Cape Breton
oil on panel 10x8"